MaxSavr® Driving Data Systems

Designed for consumers, MaxSavr products will have features announced as each is launched. First waiting in line is MaxSavr® DDS for Teslas. Our spokes car-toon Max can hardly wait to tell you all about it!

The product we're developing will allow Tesla owners to privately review detailed Autopilot and driver action data captured from their cars. It's to help them understand details of what led up to a crash, near-crash, or unusual situation noticed by the driver. Using radar data, it can also identify tailgating situations, like this (details explaining radar view are under the video at Youtube page). MaxSavr Tailgating Detection

If you're a Tesla owner, please take this 10-minute survey. It will help us finalize the product and put you on our list to contact as soon as it's ready. MaxSavr Interest Survey

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