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Telanon, Inc. is based near Atlanta GA, and a member of Georgia Tech's Advanced Technology Development Center. We provide private usage-based insurance shopping.

"Usage-based" auto insurance like Progressive's Snapshot® uses driving-related data from customer vehicles to justify significant discounts. We use a smartphone app to capture that data, then privacy-protect it at our server after deleting it from the phone. We help consumers privately evaluate potential discounts for these policies, which will use their actual driving data to justify discounts for lower-risk and/or lower-mileage driving. Those estimates are then combined with actual quotes to identify the lowest-cost choice, whether it is a usage-based or traditional insurance policy.

Our patented approach appeals strongly to consumers for two reasons. First, we enable them to comparison-shop for usage-based insurance. Second, if we share driving data with insurers at all, it is anonymized and they never learn the identity of the driver, vehicle, or vehicle owner.

Progressive's nationwide rollout of their usage-based insurance program SnapShot® has reached over 40 states and competitors are being forced to respond. Within 10 years usage-based is expected to insure the majority of U.S. consumer autos.

Business models used by current industry suppliers will have difficulty adapting to usage-based insurance, creating a tremendous need that we feel Telanon is well-positioned to satisfy. That is why are very soon launching MaxSavr™ , a combination of smartphone app and website that provides consumers with private shopping for usage-based insurance. It uses a patented approach covered by our issued U.S. patents #7,339,483 and #8,044,809, both titled "Automated Consumer To Business Electronic Marketplace System".

Bennie Farmer -- Founder & CEO
Bennie has 20 years' experience with vehicle systems that capture driving-related data, and is the inventor of Telanon's patented technology. Prior to Telanon, he had 6 years' experience with high-tech startup Eaton VORAD Technologies. As Manager - Corporate Strategic Planning at Eaton Corporation, he analyzed a proposed business opportunity with Allstate-funded VORAD Safety Systems and negotiated the 50/50 joint-venture deal forming Eaton VORAD. He then became its Director- Product Planning & Light Vehicle Sales/Marketing. After helping win business with an auto OEM, he was promoted to Business Unit Manager - Light Vehicle with full P&L responsibility. Bennie has a Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Tech, a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and an MBA from the Wharton Graduate School.
Frank Rietta, President/Lead Developer at Rietta Inc. (Software & Systems)

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