LaneAhead™ Driving Support System

Using the driver interfaces shown below, LaneAhead™ products will start with driver assistance (autonomous Level 1) and support all driving levels through full self driving (Level 5). Retrofit units will offer one of the first two versions below. Only OEM-approved units installed at their factories will influence vehicle actions, and likely have no LaneAhead™-branded display for drivers or passengers. With customized hardware/software modules and fleet-learning road/object digital assets, we are building Safer Roads From L1 To L5.

LaneAhead™ products offering Early Warning will use high-confidence detection of stopped/slow-moving vehicles to enable industry-leading early warning &/or vehicle action upon first sensor detection. Except for Tesla's proprietary fleet-learning for radar, other known systems delay action after detecting stopped vehicles because their lower-confidence technology would generate too many false alarms. LaneAhead™ products' stopped-vehicle detection will be based on an improved version of Telanon's fleet-learning invention shown below. Telanon filed an international PCT patent application in 2017 for the same invention plus significant improvements. Additional improvements conceived after that filing will be maintained as trade secrets.

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